Organizational Overview

The Center for Transforming Learning and Teaching (CTLT) has been an active partner supporting educational improvement in Colorado and across the country for more than a decade. CTLT was launched with a focus on the transformative power of assessment and data use to improve teaching, learning, and educational systems. We maintain that focus today.

CTLT provides support for educators (at all levels) within Colorado and across the U.S. through a variety of funding streams (including grants and contracts).  Major on-going CTLT initiatives include: Pilot Testing and Supporting District Implementation of Student Learning Objectives for Teacher Evaluation, Implementing Accountability System Revisions and Unified Improvement Planning in Colorado, Facilitating Unified Improvement Planning at the school and district levels, Implementing the Growth Model (in Colorado and in other states), Implementing Formative Assessment Practices, and Integrating Effective Classroom Assessment Practice into Teacher Preparation at the University of Colorado Denver (UCD). CTLT has been the lead partner working with the Colorado Department of Education to build capacity for and support local implementation of the Colorado Educational Accountability Act and the Colorado Growth Model since 2009.

CTLT is an independent initiative within the School of Education and Human Development (SEHD) at UCD, with a director and staff.  In addition to the full-time staff, the center maintains a relationship with several recently retired educators who work with CTLT on a contractual basis. CTLT projects are also supported by SEHD staff and the administrative systems at UCD, including the policies, procedures, and controls for personnel, fiscal, and human subjects. CTLT is located on the downtown campus of UCD at  1380 Lawrence Street, Denver, CO 80401.

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