Quality Assessment Practice

Quality classroom assessment practice depends upon districts establishing a context within which effective practice can occur and educators engaging in classroom assessment that supports student learning.  Districts/schools must provide a system of assessment resources that are comprehensive and balanced, and ensure assessment resources are aligned with the intended uses of the results. Educators must use quality assessment instruments and tasks, accurately interpret results, and use results to shape their instructional decisions and their students’ learning tactics.

CTLT works with district and school leaders and educators to implement quality classroom assessment practice, including providing the following services:

  • Consulting with district and school leaders on establishing effective systems of assessment and establishing appropriate policies and practices related to classroom assessment practice (including standards-based grading), and
  • Provides professional development and coaching for educators related to classroom assessment practice.
  • Developing customized resources to support classroom assessment practices.

CTLT support for quality classroom assessment practice can be integrated with local efforts to implement formative assessment, standards-based instruction, and/or student learning objectives for educator evaluation.

For more information click here:  CTLT Quality Classroom Assessment Services