Consultation and Policy Development

CTLT staff members bring a background in educational policy and organizational system development at the state, district, and school levels. They are available to educational leaders to provide consultation on the implementation of state and federal policy as well as the development of local policies and procedures.

CTLT consultation with local leaders focuses on the following:

  • Developing local policies and practices related to implementing Student Learning Objectives for educator evaluation that integrate the unique local context.
  • Establishing systems of assessment that are comprehensive and adequately respond to the varied ways that educational stakeholders use assessment results, aligning the purposes and uses of assessment resources, and establishing policies and practices that support effective classroom assessment practice (including standards-based grading).
  • Developing policies and practices to support classroom formative assessment practice.
  • Strategic planning for building stakeholder capacity to use data from the Growth Model.
  • Establishing data systems to support improvement planning.
  • Developing processes (scheduled time to engage in inquiry) and structures (meaningful data reporting) to support data-driven decision-making and progress monitoring.
  • Standards-based unit planning, aligning curriculum and instructional resources to standards, and standards-based grading.
Consultation and Policy Development
Consultation and Policy Development