Professional Development

CTLT provides professional learning experiences for a variety of educational stakeholders: classroom teachers, principals, district-level administrators, state department staff, school accountability committees, district accountability committees, and local school boards.

The learning experiences provided by CTLT are active and “hands-on.” They engage learners in collaboratively constructing meaning of relevant research, developing products that they can use in their own context, trying out practices with feedback from peers and experts, and planning for how they will transfer these practices into their own setting. Learners track and monitor the progress of their own learning over time and provide feedback about their learning to CTLT trainers. CTLT trainers adjust the learning experiences they provide to meet the specific needs and contexts of the learners.


CTLT provides professional learning experiences on the following topics:

  • Formative Assessment Practice Student Learning Objectives for Educator Evaluation — An approach for measuring educator contributions to student learning growth.
  • Quality Classroom Assessment Practice — Incorporating changes in classroom assessment as part of standards implementation and supporting district development of a comprehensive assessment system.
  • Improvement Planning/Data-Driven Decision-Making — Developing unified improvement plans, monitoring the implementation of improvement plans and engaging in on-going data-driven decision-making.
  • Interpreting and Using Data from the Growth Model — Understanding state accountability ratings, and using growth data in improvement planning and principal evaluation.
  • Standards Implementation — Aligning curriculum and instructional resources, standards-based unit planning that incorporates assessment, and standards-based grading.
Professional Development
Professional Development