Student Learning Objectives/Educator Evaluation

Colorado statute requires districts to base 50% of educators’ annual evaluations on his/her contribution of student learning growth, some portion of which must be “individually attributable” to the educator. Student Learning Objectives (SLOs) are one approach that districts may use measure of student learning growth that is attributable to individual educators.

CTLT works with district and state department staff to support implementation of SLOs, and provides direct support to educators including the following services:

  • Providing consultation in the development of policies/practices related to implementing SLOs that integrate the unique local context.
  • Co-developing guiding documents regarding the local approach to implementing SLOs.
  • Providing professional development and coaching to educators and educational leaders to build capacity to implement SLOs (with on-site and on-line components).
  • Establishing SLO implementation pilot projects.

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